Deliverables: Brand Identity, Packaging Design
Truth Chocolate is a sustainable dark chocolate brand that takes pride in offering premium quality dark chocolate while promoting ethical and responsible sourcing. As a female-owned company, Truth Chocolate is committed to empowering female entrepreneurs in the chocolate industry and beyond. Truth Chocolate gets its name from its commitment to transparency and honesty in the world of chocolate. We believe that the best way to enjoy this beloved treat is when you know the whole story behind it. That's why we call it "Truth Chocolate."
The logo icon is a powerful representation of the essential elements required to grow ethical cocoa. The sun symbolises the warmth and energy needed for cocoa cultivation, while water represents the nourishment and hydration crucial for healthy cocoa plants. Earth embodies the rich soil where cocoa thrives, and the seeds represent the foundation of sustainable growth. Together, these elements signify our commitment to responsibly sourced cocoa, rooted in the harmony of nature and ethical farming practices.
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